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In Loving Memory of a Dear Friend/another SIDS Mommy~  / Barb Tessier (Mommy)

A few months ago I met a great girl who was looking for comfort for her sister.  The great girl is Michelle and her sister is Debbie.  Debbie lost her son Tyrone May 4th 2006 at the tender age of 3 months to S.I.D.S.  Debbie's family was doing everything they could to support her during this tragedy, and Debbie tried so hard to remain strong through the pain but it was so overwhelming that she felt that she couldn't live if it meant living without her precious child.  I received the news today that Debbie has ended her life.  I was devastated.  I felt so helpless.  When your child dies a big part of you dies with them.  I feel so much sorrow for Debbie and Michelle's Mom, Janice.  Who not only lost her grandson but her daughter.  Her sister Michelle, who not only lost her nephew, but her bestfriend.  Her father who not only lost his grandson, but his Baby Girl.  Tyrone's Daddy, who has lost his family.  For the whole family, I'm incredibly sorry for your losses!  My words cannot express what I am feeling right now.  I have much love for your family and I wish I could give you back what you've lost.  One thing I can tell you is that Debbie knows that you all love her very much.  There's nothing you did wrong!  I know that you're thinking "if only I.... or I should've ..." but in all honesty, she just wanted to be with Tyrone.  She loves all of you more than you know!    Please know that if I can do anything for you I will.  I'm always here to talk to, always!  I will NEVER forget you Debbie!  I'm so sorry~  SIDS doesn't just take our babies, it takes our souls!  To a Great Mommy, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, and Friend, Goodbye Debbie, Rest Peacefully with Tyrone In Heaven!!
~ Love Always & Forever, Barb Tessier~

In a perfect world...  / Barb Tessier (Mommy)

In a perfect world, we would still be together.  I sit here and listen to the song I chose for your site, and it's so fitting.  Every word is how I feel.  The pain is still as strong as it was the morning you woke up in Heaven.  My life will never be the same without you here.  Don't get me wrong, Honey, I am a happy person, and life is good but there is a piece of me that's been missing since May 12th 2000.  Life sure is full of surprises...only they aren't all good ones.  I keep your memory alive, and I show your pictures to Brett.  He says "Tyson" the best he can when he sees your picture.  It makes me happy and sad all at once.  I wish there were no such thing as SIDS and I could raise you.  I was so happy and proud when I had you, it still shocks me that you are gone.  I still get the panic feeling when I think of losing you.  I do find that coming here to your "special place" is somewhat like visiting you.  I sure wish I could visit you, and HOLD you.  What I wouldn't give to hold you and hug you and kiss you.  I think if I did get the opportunity that you'd be like "Mom!  Stop it already!" because I don't think I could stop hugging you, kissing you, all the while tears falling freely from my face...  Although sadly this isn't a perfect world and I can no longer physically give you anymore kisses or hugs.  In spirit, I send hundreds and thousands of them to you in Heaven.  I love you so much precious Tyson.  I miss you more than anyone can imagine.  I'll write to you again soon Sweetheart.  Love always and Forever,
~ Mommy ~

I miss you so much  / Natasha Campeau (Family friend )

I think about you all the time and I miss you with all of my heart...I still don't think its fair that you are gone. I hope to be with you some day to hold you and play with you and give you lots of hugs and are always in my thoughts Tyson...I love you!!!

a letter to tyson  / Colleen Villeneuve (friend of your mom's )
tyson,i never had a chance to meet you,but i know you are a lucky boy to have a mom like barb. she talks of you often.and this site is makes me cry everytime i visit,but also shows me that they are alot of little angels out there. i know your little brother brett and your aunt,cousins and grandparents. their all great and love you very much. i bet if you were here you would be a great big brother. i just wanted to let you know you are thought of often and your mom is a terrific mom who misses you deeply. lots of love colleen alias turtle
To baby Tyson  / Gabrianna Campeau
 Dear Tyson, I really wish I could of known you, you were a real cute baby. Your daddy talks a lot about you, and really wants to write but everytime he looks at your site he starts to cry.  I am running for SIDS in October to raise money for SIDS awareness, I hope you will be there in spirits!  I really like your site, your mommy did a great job it must of been hard for her . This is making me cry so for now I love you and good night. Gaby xoxo
My sincere condolences  / Bernice Lafermann
        So sorry for  your loss, my hearth goes out to you and your family. So young and innocent . I can understand the pain you are feeling we just lost my grandson Justin on August 1rst 2006. Peace be with you, You are in my prayers.
So sorry about your loss  / Debbie Tyrone's Mommy
  My heart goes out to you and all who knew and loved Tyson. I know exactly how you feel as I lost my son Tyrone on May 4th, 2006.  You have done an amazing job with this Memorial site, I hope I someday find the strength you have. May you find peace in God. Always in my thoughts  prayers.~Love Debbie~
precious angel  / Debbie Ward (grandma)  Read >>
precious angel  / Debbie Ward (grandma)

you were taken to heaven much to soon, before we had a chance to see you grow . but even though your with the lord you are still in our hearts and and our memories for ever. i love you tyson   xo xo

So sorry to hear about your loss  / Michelle Russet ((My sister has just lost her son to sids and I was looking for some kind of comfort for her. )  Read >>
So sorry to hear about your loss  / Michelle Russet ((My sister has just lost her son to sids and I was looking for some kind of comfort for her. )
    My heart goes out to both mommy and daddy and the rest who new and loved Tyson. What a nice site  you really did a good job making "TYSON'S PLACE "  a special one . I like the music... made me cry and the pictures... he's such a cutie.     
    May you find the courage to keep on going. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.
So Sorry  / Pamela Riordan Devin Allen's Nana (none)  Read >>
So Sorry  / Pamela Riordan Devin Allen's Nana (none)
I am so sorry for your loss as we know what you are going through our Devin went to sleep on May 24, 2005 & woke in heaven. Life has never felt the same since that day when Devin left our arms. I wish you all God Blessings that he help you through this tragedy. We have continued to walk through our lives with an underlying sadness knowing that our Devin is missing. Tears will always be just a breath away don't let anyone tell you it's time to move on. They just don't understand!!!!!! Even Mr. Webster couldn't come up with a word for this loss - as widow/ widower describes one who lost a spouse & orphan is one who's lost a parent. No words have been found to describe a parent or grandparent when a child dies. Know that you are in my prayers as is your precious Tyson. God Bless & keep you in his loving arms. Close
And God Said.......  / Diane Angel Mom- Katie Cassidy   Read >>
And God Said.......  / Diane Angel Mom- Katie Cassidy
I said, God I hurt
And God said, I know

I said, I cry alot
And God said, That's why I gave you tears

I said, Life is so hard
And God said, That's why I gave you loved ones

I said, But my loved one died!!
And God said, So did mine!!

I said, It's such a great loss!!
And God said, I saw mine nailed to a cross!!

I said, But your loved one lives!!
And God said, So does yours!!

I said, Where is he now??
And God said, My Son is by my side and
Your Son is in my arms!!
author unknown
Sorry for your loss  / Debby Sister Of An Angel (Passerby)  Read >>
Sorry for your loss  / Debby Sister Of An Angel (Passerby)

And Gramma of 2 Angels. The pain never really goes away, but you learn to live with, it is so very hard though. My sisier was 29, my granddaughter never made it into this world, and grandson was still born, but they are always in my thoughts and in my heart, I love them dearly.  May God be with you during your time of heartache

Tyson - loved & missed so here on earth....  / LuAnn (Visitor)  Read >>
Tyson - loved & missed so here on earth....  / LuAnn (Visitor)

I am so sorry... Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your beautiful baby. Our Johnna was born sleeping on 1/29/06 so we know somewhat of the hurt and emptyness you have had to face.
God bless...
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I as so sorry for your loss...  / Kelli ~. Mommy To An Angel (passerby)  Read >>
I as so sorry for your loss...  / Kelli ~. Mommy To An Angel (passerby)

My thoughts & prayers are with you!  Your son was such a cutie!
May God give you comfort at this difficult time!
Kelli~mommy to angel Amanda Jo

TO AN ANGEL  / Debbie Campeau (friend of your mom's )  Read >>
TO AN ANGEL  / Debbie Campeau (friend of your mom's )

 Dear Little Angel Tyson,   
                         I think of you and your mom alot. Why were you taken by God so young. God has his reasons and sometimes we will never know and we should just cherish the memories of you when you were here and rejoice in the fact that we will see you one day in heaven. I often wonder how your mom got through it all but then I remember that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. There is nothing anyone can say to your mom to take the pain away except knowing that God is with her and she is not alone. You are in heaven and all we and your mom can do to find comfort is knowing one day that our souls will meet again in a much better place.           
                                                                  Thinking of you Little Angel...Deb

Thinking of your Mommy and Daddy Lil Angel Tyson  / Craig Sehon's Mom Caleigh Kirk's Nana #2 (vistor)  Read >>
Thinking of your Mommy and Daddy Lil Angel Tyson  / Craig Sehon's Mom Caleigh Kirk's Nana #2 (vistor)

Sending my love  / Nikki Cavote (Mommy of an Angel )  Read >>
Sending my love  / Nikki Cavote (Mommy of an Angel )  I lost my little John Thomas in January due to a knot in his cord. I never even got to hear his cry. My heart aches for you. I can not imagine your pain. I am so sorry this happened to you, but you are not alone and we are here for you if you ever need support or someone to talk to. On my baby's site there are links to others who have lost also. Feel free to visit them also. We are a great support group when you need and want one, whenever you are ready. You are in my prayers. Love NIkki Close
I think of you often  / Tasha Campeau   Read >>
I think of you often  / Tasha Campeau
I still can't beleive that you are gone, I cry everytime I look at your picture and when I think of what happened to you. You are so precious and innocent...I don't feel that it is fair  that God took you from us and your Mommy. Tyson, I love you so much and I can't wait to spend time with you and hold you in my arms when I join you in heaven, I miss you with all of heart. I wish that I could have gotten to know you...I have a lot of regret for not spending time with you when I had the chance, but I didn't think you were going to leave us...I took your time here for granted and I am truly sorry. I love you Tyson, and I miss you so much.

Barb...I think I am still in shock when I see him on here, I have been thinking of him so much, I always have, but much more lately...I am so sorry that you have to feel that incredible pain. You will be reunited with him someday, until then, I am always here for you to talk to and cry to and scream at when you need to. It hurts me so much to know that you have to feel this pain and hurt of not having your child with you. He is watching over you, I beleive that. I love you! Close
For Baby Angel Tyson  / Paula Passing By   Read >>
For Baby Angel Tyson  / Paula Passing By

An Angel opened the book of life
And wrote down Tyson's birth
She whispered as she closed the book
Too precious to stay on this earth
So sorry for your loss

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