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Angels....... / Diane Angel Mom- Katie Cassidy

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My condolences  / Alma
I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son. My heart goes out to you.
May you find comfort and peace knowing that one day you will see him 

god bless your family  / Cheri Brooks From Ohio (n/just another mommy passing by )
your baby is so adorable please know i have your family in my prayers ..god bless
still hard to beleive  / Natalie Yule (sister in christ Jesus )
Your death is something that does not happen to people i love and am close to, it is still surreal, how can this be, and why? It's a thought thats always there, everytime i see your mom, thoughts of you come first, its in her eyes, the pain and sadness thats always there, then u get a glimpse of how strong a human heart is when u see the joy in a mothers eyes when talking about the memories of her child. Tyson, when I think of You I think of heaven, I know God has you and that u are spirit who lived in a human body for a short time, u are still alive and will always be, I am happy I got to hold You, during your time on earth. My love for Christ guarantees me a place in heaven, and that is where all wonders and questions about your life will be answered. Thank you Tyson for the time you were in my friend Barbies life, She would not be the beautiful mysterious women if it wasn't for you.                  love your sister in Christ
Gone from my arms, forever in my heart  / Barb Tessier (Mommy)
Dear "Baby" Tyson, You left this world so young, so suddenly.  Your life and death made a huge impact on so many people's lives.  They say that you're in a better place, and maybe that's true, but selfishly I would think that the best place for you to be is with me.  It hurts me that I can't raise you, that I can't watch you take your first steps, hear your first words, know what your voice sounds like when you speak.  I can't give you your first haircut, or listen to you telling me a simple story.  I can't drive you all over God's creation to visit your friends, I can't sit on a pew and cry as you say your vows.  There's so many reasons why it hurts that you died.  I feel guilty that I am as selfish as that to think of myself.  I hope that you are here with me, and I hope that you watch over your younger brother.  You were an excellent baby, who I'm sure would have been a well behaved young man.  I will continue to miss you, think of you, love you and Cherish the time I had with you each and every day.  Please visit me in my dreams if you can, I'd like that a lot.  When I die, you better be right there waiting for me with your arms wide open for a BIG hug and kiss...I can't wait!  I love you Tyson! ~Love Mommy
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